Friday, November 11, 2011

rhyley in seattle, day 3

yay! third day! daylight! sunshine!

anal bridges!

the thing that does not deserve an exclamation point is the fact that both rhyley and i were hung over for the entire day. in fact, my head felt quite like this:

have i ever mentioned to you how creepy ye olde curiosity shop is? just, generally?

"sekrit projekt" work began in earnest yesterday but as it is still a sekrit, i can't tell you about it yet which could be either a trick or a treat.

but nun of these things should bother you.

(all of those are from the alley near the gum wall. we *did* go to the market, you know, like you do.)

we also went to the aquarium where we lived at least the day as if it were shark week. (groooan, i know.)

but you otter forgive us

because, COME ON, i was still hungover when the sun went down at 4:00. bah.

today we're waiting on "skyrim" to arrive so i'm not sure how exciting the post will be tomorrow. eh, check back anyway.


leff said...

that green guy looks so sad :(

r4kk4 said...

we should go back and cheer him up!