Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving morning! *turkey hand drawing!*

it's 7:30 am, pst. are you thankful for something yet?!??!  HAHAH! ha. ha. :( * sobbing *

yes, it's thanksgiving. i will be starting my morning with either a bee sting (ingred:

actual drink:

bee sting recipe AND MORE!)

or a whole bottle of champers with a dash of oj included so i can call it a mimosa. HOW WILL YOU BEGIN YOUR HOLIDAY OF REGRETS FAMILY GOOD TIMES?!? i mean, assuming you're one of my readers in the u.s. if you're not, hey! s'up! how's your thursday going?

i started preparing for the festival of gluttony yesterday. (and i practiced the post meal nap as well 'cause i have a new cartoon wolf pelt blanket! aaaaOOOOooozzzzzz...)

what did i make? macaroni salad. 'cause that's how my etn relatives used to roll on turkey day.

and 'cause i managed to get one of the huge ass cans o'pumpkin (which, LUCKY! as i've heard there's another pumpkin shortage this year.)

i made a pie and a batch of pumpkin muffins.

let's just look at those muffins again. want the recipe? fliddow!!

i'll post another update later today because i know you're probably all tired of doing tech support for the olds and trying to avoid your siblings' children. (they're so cute for, like, five minutes aren't they?) until then, i've got to unburrito from my blanket (noooo!) and get crackin' on jalapeno orange cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans not in casserole form, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and turkey.

or maybe i'll just make some coffee, start working on that bottle of champers and let leff cook. heh heh. aaaaOOOOOooo!

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