Thursday, May 03, 2007

31 cent scoop night

before i get started...locals!! internet friends!! leff has a new nickname! he's now called "dr. spaceman". (only because i like walking around saying "doc-tor space-man, doc-tor space-man".)

*ahem.* please use the new name wisely and often.

speaking of leff, he's pretty lucky. not only did he make it to free cone day at ben and jerry's earlier this year but he also was in attendance at baskin robbins 31 cent scoop night.

i missed ben and jerry's but was *so* at baskin robbins last night. you really need a because?! hooray for cheap ice cream!

i got the cherries jubliee. leff got pumpkin pie which he didn't like so i gave him my cone. (relationships are about sacrifice, kittens. (hehe) besides, i liked the pumpkin pie.)

there's not much else to write about wednesday. besides, peel and fuji are crowding me because they want food.


Shannon said...

You guys are lucky! I went to the $.31 cone night and the line stretched clear around the block! (it was at USC) so me and the hubster left. :(
I tagged you, no pressure, if you want to participate in a linky love meme. :)

r4kk4 said...

oh no!!! i'm sorry!

we went to the baskin robbins near our house which is always deserted. (it's on a road that's used just to get from a to b and not for stopping along. unless you're getting coffee, of course.)

i'll have your meme up soonish! :D! and thanks! :D!