Tuesday, May 29, 2007

walking and talking

long weekends are awesome. having an extra day to knock out some errands like walking down fifth to take photos for the seattle tourist google map (it's still a work in progress.) that leff is compiling for our visitors this summer was wonderful.

leff took most of the photos yesterday. i just managed this one.

and my lunch at top pot.

i didn't take pictures because i was trying to help my dad find a hotel. don't ever try this when you're not near a computer. i found myself screaming "don't stay in kirkland!! NOT. KIRKLAND!!" and "parking is expensive! everything is expensive! yes, there is a lot of traffic!!" from an empty parking lot. (padre has some hearing loss, hence the yelling.)

i guess i'll be walking with my camera today to make our google map more inclusive.


Lisa B. said...

hey, happy late birthday! Sorry I missed it ... I wasn't really wired the past fort days.

r4kk4 said...

no probalo! i've been pretty exhausted myself lately!

thanks for the bday greetings! :D!