Friday, May 11, 2007

an interview, some stuff and some things

have i mentioned how much i love swappy/snappy/scrappy/angelica? because i do!! she is awesome in *so* many ways! many, many hearts to her!!

this week she was beyond ridiculously kind to me by granting me an interview on her personal blog! eep! thanks, swappy!! (link if you'd like to read it.)

so thursday...hmmm...oh! yes! i was searching through my retro cookbooks again! i found part of an old matchbook.

i really like the graphic. the sentiment makes me want to punch someone in the face, but that's my problem with authority and not yours.

huh, what else...? oh, the usual. which means it's not worth your time to read about. i did the antm butterfly dance (approx @ 4:19) a lot. and i took more cat photos

which makes me part of the scourge of the internet. but, come on! fuji is fluffy! it's 8:45 in the photo! 8:45 is adorable! awwwww!

k, i need to change out of pjs 'cause it's grocery day. quelle excitement!

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