Saturday, May 19, 2007

vitamin enriched soda and the cheese nun

on friday my delivery guy brought me a free sample of diet coke plus.

plus what? vitamins apparently. sadly, i'm the person that this drink is made for since i usually forget to take my multivitamin but never forget to drink diet soda. this habit of mine has probably rendered my bones hollow, quite like a bird's.

anyway, yesterday leff and i saw the cheese nun! and by that i mean that we saw the movie entitled "the cheese nun" and the cheese nun herself! here's a really grainy, slightly blurry photo of sister noella.

i really enjoyed the whole presentation. sister noella is very entertaining and personable and the documentary chronicling her scientific exploration in the world of bacteria was fascinating. in fact, i only have one quibble with the entire event and that has to do with the q&a section. actually, one person from the audience. and to that i'll say "what the hell were you thinking by trying to play one-upsmanship with a nun when religion is the subject? you almost made me raise my hand and ask the follow up question "do you love the baby cheeses?" doofus."

the rest of the night i can't talk about yet since it'll be posted on swapatorium next week.

as for today, who knows what's up. i think i want to sleep though. esp since i've already missed the "rolling of the truckles" at the cheese festival.


Irregular Shed said...

Have you heard of/seen Cheese Rolling? It's a tradition from near Gloucester, where I was brought up. Every year a large Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a very steep hill and people chase/tumble/fall after it to try and catch it. Just reading the words I've typed make me realise that I was brought up in England's equivalent of the Deep South... =)

Anyway - this is what I escaped to Wales from:

r4kk4 said...

the truckle rolling was like a rolling of the cheeses! :D!

it wasn't one large cheese though. it was several small cheeses that were rolled down the street with people sweeping in front of it kind of like curling.

hahah! i escaped the lost state of franklin!

sketchfro said...

Geez, that is almost as bad as the "Coke ZERO Plus". Zero meaning something was taken out, and Plus is putting it right back in there! Hehe.

r4kk4 said...

maybe it balances itself out with the zero and the plus and is, in actuality, REAL COKE! hahaha!