Sunday, May 13, 2007

tugboats, wifi

why is the good weather always gone by the weekend?

despite the general overcastiness, leff and i hoofed it to elliot bay park for some tugboat racing action.

no, i don't know which tugs won. that would've required my being in a crowd full of children and that's just not happening.

anyway, leff and i walked away from the masses and kids

to buy a wireless router so now we have wifi! wheeee!! that means i need to let you go so i can start a new city in "animal crossing". i'd like to visit pip's town.


Phil Wilson said...

and me yours! my town in piptown and my friend code is somewhere in my flickr stream (tagged "animal crossing" I guess? something like mebbe).

I will power up the amazing ds-a-tron tomorrow and plug you in! Oooh, assuming I can go outside now, the guard (whose name I can't remember but will now be called Barker forever more) said I was too rubbish last time I tried. But I've caught some butterflies since then so hopefully all will be well.

r4kk4 said...


i'll visit your town, like, NOW!! eeeep!!

i've only been playing for about a week now so, uh, yeah. please keep that in mind. ;D (good luck getting past your guard.)