Wednesday, May 23, 2007


sorry to have taken so long to post anything today. i took a quick trip to the nordic heritage museum this morning and only just got back.

yesterday? uhm...i made a half batch of dulche de leche brownies.

mmmm, they were tasty! i chickened out and used the suggested oven method to make the caramel even though i'd used the boiled can method before in high school home ec class and the results were the same. (there's something about getting older that makes you a bit wary of having molten caramel explode onto your skin.)

and that's that. i've got to catch up on other things now. tomorrow, however, there will be hanging masons, troll chairs and railroads to hell to write about!


wastedpapiers said...

Happy Birdbaths Rakka! Sorry I havent sent you a card this year- been laid low with aches and pains- terrible lower back pain- sitting at computer too much I expect! Have been taking it easy watching the boxed set of The Outer Limits ( series 1 ) and groaning quietly to myself when I try to get up[ and make some tea!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, wp!!

no worries!! thanks for the thought! :D! just take care of yourself and get better soon!!!

"the outer limits" is fun! :D!