Friday, May 18, 2007

chicken with head cut off = me

yesterday, much like today will be, was full of busy work and party preparation. i did manage to swing by the post office when i came up for air and guess what i saw? a blurry cardboard stand about all of the star wars goodness that will be available so very soon at the u.s.p.s.

have i mentioned that the stamps are available for purchase on my birthday? oh yes, it's true. in fact, many of the "star wars" movies were released on my bday as well. aren't i special? (you should try having a bday that is loosely associated with memorial day. brainless, fun summer stuff will coincide with your d.o.b. it's awesome!!)

ok, i need to get to work. food needs to be made, cleaning, etc plus i have a ticket to the cheese nun film at sam! eeep!

here's an hk photo to tide you over until tomorrow.

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