Thursday, May 17, 2007

owls, cupcakes and antm

do you see these paper craft owls? do you?!?

they're adorable! and you can print your own here!

after folding my parliament, i made a's bday cupcakes. chocolate with orange icing

and chocolate with mint icing.

i like the mint ones best since they taste like thin mint cookies. (mmmm! i'll have to try that recipe that i linked to!)

as some of you may know, the antm season finale was last night. i bet a that jaslene would win (he thought renee would) and, of course, i won that bet. which means that 1) i get to drink on my bday (i would anyway regardless of whether or not i lost the bet.) 2) a has to ride the log flume.

what i failed to mention to a is that i checked fred flare's blog to see who won before i made the bet. (god bless seattle being three hours behind nyc!) so, uh, yeah, since i'm such a cheater, you don't have to ride the log flume if you don't want, a. HAHAHHAA!!!

right, i've got to try and figure out how i'm going to squeeze grocery delivery, food preparation, the cheese nun, a dinner party and a partman parthorse instore into one day. i have a feeling that i might not be making the instore (unless i can talk my dinner party guests into going with me. heh heh!)


Aaron said...

You big cheater! And I didn't say I *thought* Renee would win; I said that of the three finalists, she was the one I *wanted* to win. Based on the first episode, which is the only other one I saw, I thought she had the best personality. The other two girls were annoying =)

r4kk4 said...


well, you know the way to bet successfully is to always know the outcome in advance. ;D

yeah, well, i wanted jael to win. but the punky girls never make it that far. it makes me sad.

Santos said...

i didn't watch most of this season, i just saw the first episode. after one ep of jaslene, i thought i so don't like much about her, but she's entertaining in a reality tv sort of way--she'll win.

r4kk4 said...

want to know a secret? i only watched about two or three of the episodes at their normal time. the rest i caught on the vh1 marathon on saturday. hee hee!

yeah, jaslene is a little...odd. i REALLY wish that tyra would let a punky girl win next time!!!