Saturday, May 26, 2007

the most fabulous birthday ever! (excluding the "clash of the titans"/"making of thriller"/pizza party and sleepover at age nine)

i'm not kidding about that title. yesterday was my second favorite birthday ever! and i should know a thing or two about having bdays considering that i'm getting moderately long in the tooth!

leff and i started the day at zeitgeist.

it's my favorite coffee shop in town. yeah, i said it. i like vivace as much as the next person but my love goes to zeitgeist. so there.

our first store of the day was kobo at higo.

i've been past kobo a billion times but had never gone inside. unfortunately, the higo side of things (higo used to be a japanese dry good store) was blocked off so i only got to view the exhibit over some boxes. still, leff bought me a tiny little lucky cat

and one of the design chair volume 1 blind boxes of which i'll post a photo later.

after kobo, it was time for lunch at takohachi!

i'd never been until yesterday and now i'm sad that i wasn't there every. single. day because it's closing next week. the food was delicious, fresh and inexpensive. i'm crying inside because i won't be able to get this bento with curried rice (and miso soup that's not pictured) for much longer.

seattle readers! for reals! go to takohachi one last time before it closes! and if you've never been before, then go!!

bento desire sated, it was off to the wing luke.

it was a little smaller than i had thought it would be but still, enjoyable in its own way once the freakin' school children got out of our way.

i suppose it goes without mentioning that we stopped at kinokuniya and uwajimaya, right?

i picked up a copy of gr, some "super happy girl" notebook paper, black sesame pocky and, most wonderfully, DURIAN WAFER COOKIES!!!

oh yes! they smelled like durian fruit!! it was quite hysterical! honestly, the smell didn't bother me but leff. um, well, why not just read his account. i'm still laughing about it!

after a durian cookie, a short nap and a trip to the bank (where two tellers wished me happy bday. i have a nice branch bank, it's true.), a came over.

since padre had sent me a little bday cash, a kindly drove us to okok, where, OMG!!, the best thing ever happened!

okok is not going to be selling blind box toys anymore. i don't know why i asked their most wonderful employee if they were going to stock toys any longer but i'm certainly glad that i did BECAUSE! are you ready for this?!? he told me that i could check in the back room where the toys were being stored! and that, HOLY HELL! i could buy any of them for half off!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

i'll have a separate post of the toys later today because i haven't taken photos yet but i must say, again, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, OKOK GUY!!!! you are mega, mega awesome!!!

ok, *whew!!* as if the day couldn't get any better, a drove us to golden gardens.

it's low/negative tide season so a lot more of the beach was exposed. no, i didn't see any geoducks but i still get all sugar high happy when i'm at the beach. (those of you who didn't grow up landlocked might not understand the pure joy of reaching a beach in about 15 minutes that i experience every time i visit.)

we were encouraged to please feed geese to ducks.

but i didn't.

since the original pancake house had closed for the day, we had dinner at denny's. yes, i know. denny's. but when the urge for cherry covered pancakes hits

you kinda' have to go with it.

this post has gone on long enough. i need to run to easy street to pick up a few cds and then i need to take pics of the okok booty. plus, it's gordito's day with j!

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