Monday, May 21, 2007

i bitch about the cheese festival, schmancy, late breakfast at the croc

ok, look. the cheese festival is cool. but the crowds? i can really do without them.

yesterday it was rainy so, in addition to those who were being all grabby-grabby like they'd never seen cheese before and the stroller people who, for fuck's sake, need their own goddamned area so they can get the hell out of everyone else's way, there were the morons who decided to walk around with huge open umbrellas.


anyway, the few cheeses that i sampled were very nice.

it's just, you know, there needs to be a better way to funnel people through the sampling areas.

and now for a diversionary tactic: here's a picture of some ice cream.

anyway, after the market, leff and i detoured to schmancy

where, oddly, i didn't buy anything. (oddly because this is birthday week and i tend to buy myself silly little things during the duration.)

a bit later we had breakfast at the croc. i had biscuits and gravy and some seriously milky coffee.

i forget what leff ate but it involved a tortilla.

the rest of the day we holed up inside because, apparently, may is the new monsoon season in seattle. (seriously, if it doesn't clear up soon, i'm going to personally strangle the cold front that's causing the rain.)

for now though, it's time to get ready for the "heroes" finale party. oh, and to finish cleaning up from friday's party. vote patrelli!


jrhyley said...

Vote Petrelli? I'd really be happiest if Nathan and his mother both flew off someplace unpleasant and far away -- him with his cape, her on her broom. They can take the stroller people with them.

Seriously, though, my prediction for next season's big bad: Mama Petrelli. And she totally did it with Malcolm McDowell.

L. T. Zen said...

Birthday week? Don't you mean "Birth-Month"?

r4kk4 said...

hahaha!! yeah, i really want nathan and his mom to leave along with the stroller people. i only said "vote patrelli" because i didn't want to say "save the cheerleader, save the world." ;D

oh hey! that's a good idea! mama patrelli could TOTALLY be a bad guy! OH! and maybe she can find that linderman baby of hers and they can go around sawing open people's heads together just like sylar!

hahaha! it would seem that i mean bday month, zen but no. it took me three days to be born so i though, why not add the other four and make it a week long celebration.

i know it doesn't make much sense but it means more cake for me! ;D