Tuesday, May 15, 2007

fluffy bunny, blurry brooding deer, i'm from barcelona, shed meets famous people,

i wasn't going to mention how i've been playing "animal crossing" as a fluffy bunny but 8bit jake gave me a link to this vg cats cartoon and i couldn't help myself. so, lookit me! i'm a fluffy bunny at the aquarium!

yesterday was gorgeous! but did i go outside? nope. i stayed in and read harry potter (i'm rereading them in prep for the new book.) with this blurry, brooding deer over my shoulder.

what else is new? oh, yes, i missed most of j's interview on hollow earth last night (sorry, j.) and i added to the list of bday cds that i'm buying myself next week. just try to get "we're from barcelona" out of your head. (i know it's a year old but i don't care. pbbbt!)

in wales, shed continues to meet famous people. it wasn't enough to meet dai ten at the baftas, nope! he's now met gruff rhys from sfa! (they are, apparently, using a studio in the building where shed works.) well played, master shed!!

k, i gotta go clean up cat puke. again. sigh...


josephpeter said...

when is yo burfdaze again? are we going to get ice cream and burritos? or... ice cream burritos.. mmmmmm.... ice cream burritos... sans beans....

mmmmm.... or maybe not..

did you catch some of the Hollow Earth show? Were we too NPR'd out?

r4kk4 said...

may 25 is my dob.

yeah! it would be awesome to get gorditos! and maybe choco tacos!! mmmmm!!!

nah, you weren't too npr'd out. (i watch pbs, remember? ;D) i caught the very beginning where bill (??) introduced you and then started playing music when i realized that OH NOES!!! "heroes" was on in less than an hour and that i needed something chocolate to eat during it.

oops. :(

Anonymous said...

two bits:
First bit-
Uh, i am not sure who these celebrities are that you speak of, but you and shed are both rock stars in my book!

Second bit-
Woman! Your B-day is May 25th? Party Party Party!

Moon walking,

Aaron said...

k, i gotta go clean up cat puke

Just get the cats to clean up each other's puke

Irregular Shed said...

You failed to mention that Gruff knows who you are now as well (well, for as long as information stays in his very, very stoned brain). Yay for Gruff, he is teh b0mb.

And We're From Barcelona - can't remember if I told you about them or not. They're on the same album I found out about Lucky Soul from... if I didn't, I definitely meant to!

r4kk4 said...

oh, goodness, burnt! you might want to acquaint yourself with david tennant. he's six feet plus of sheer brilliance. plus, he's hot. ;D

i'm not sure if you'd like super furry animals or not. maybe you'd like gruff rhys' solo stuff? (i love that video! i also love gruff rhys but shhhhhh!! don't tell leff. ;D)

yeah, may 25th. i don't know what i'm doing other than gordito's and choco tacos though. ;D

aaron, that was disgusting!! i thought only dogs did that! haha!

heee heee!! i somehow doubt that gruff rhys is all "that rakka girl is AWESOME!!!", shed. but THANK YOU for getting him to say hello to me! :D! you're the greatest!!

i like his very, very stoned brain. i have for almost a decade now! :D!
(did you know that i found out about them because of that
"http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mr-Nice-Howard-Marks/dp/0749395699">howard marks
book? (an aside, mr. marks sent me an autographed copy of his book! eeeep!!! i almost died when it arrived!! :D!

anyway, yeah, the sfa "hanging with howard marks" song was the first of theirs that i'd heard since it had been a marksy kind of summer.)

i don't know if you told me about i'm from barcelona or not. i don't know where you manage to find these magical cds!!

yes, i do. magical cds are made in the uk. u.s. compilations are typically nothing but crap. (esp cmj! pbbbt!)

r4kk4 said...

oops! i messed up that howard marks link. here it is.

Santos said...

crap. now that it has been put in my head, everytime i try to picture mark owen, i see shed. actually, that's hott.

r4kk4 said...

hee hee!!! :D!

i wonder if shed can sing like that?! extra hott!! ;D!