Sunday, May 06, 2007

sam, the market

saturday saw the grand 35 hour reopening of seattle's main art museum.

instead of waiting for 4 a.m. to attend as i'd planned, i grabbed two tickets for the current time (which happened to be 2pm) and leff and i were in the door!

it's verboten to take photos in the galleries. this is why you get a crappy camphone image of the 1st floor contemp gallery and not of the nara that i'm so in love with. (it's in a pretty busy area. the contemp gallery overlook was rather deserted.)

also at sam yesterday? dancing robots!

in short, i love the new sam! i can't compare it to the old sam since i never graced its doors (it closed for renovation shortly after i moved here.) but i can say that the new museum is fabulous. there are some fine examples of both red and black figure painting, a sampling of superflat, a richter wing, four cornell boxes, an abex section, a gorgeous car shaped casket, a lot of beuys felt and lots, lots more.

go. now. see it all for yourself.

leff and i dropped by the market for lunch after spending 2.5 hours in the galleries.

we didn't eat seafood or visit the more shops

instead opting for our usual taxi dog (not pictured).

on the way home

i realized that giant blow up bottles of tequila = cinco de mayo in the states.

i also realized that i'd missed the derby again this year. *sigh*

oh well, no time for moping over horse races. tim gunn is at the ballard branch library today at 2 and i need to get ready!

edit: argh! tim gunn is cancelled!


Santos said...

waaaaah! no tim gunn. that would seriously (glitter)piss me off. all that anticipation...for naught!

r4kk4 said...

i cannot tell you how disappointed i am that it was canceled. ESP since i missed his macy's appearance last year! *sniffle!* :(