Tuesday, May 08, 2007

an aside and one gorgeous day

first, an aside for burnt just in case i don't get back to her blog today. the clown college guy? we called him pisshead because he'd had blue hair and then bleached it out himself to an odd shade that was vaguely pee colored. anyway, after a date or two (never very serious) we lost touch. but i heard that about a month after we'd gone out, he moved to florida to go to clown college.

anyway, yesterday it was bizzaroland on television.

i vaguely remember having seen the squirrel edition of "the joy of painting" before but it was wonderful watching it again.

monday was also an absolutely gorgeous day! i took a walk through kinnear park. it is, according to this railing, my home.

rainier was visible aaaaaall day!!

but this leopard truck was only around for a little while.

j dropped by, locked me out of my apt

and then drove us to target (not pictured). the following photo is of the taco truck where i didn't order anything even though i think that i really wanted to. that is the overwhelming power of target. in my desire to buy pjs, i passed up some taquitos.

back at home i watched "heroes". (hooray!) and that would be monday in a nutshell.

today looks like it's another incredible day so i'm moving away from the keyboard to soak up some vitamin d!


Irregular Shed said...

Ah, the late, great Bob Ross. The only thing more magnificent than his hair was the time he showed a clip of an early Joy of Painting when he had totally different hair and a different voice... Never has anyone painted so many ugly landscapes so beautifully.

I've seen the squirrel one too!

Anonymous said...

happy trees!

Anonymous said...

piss head. clown college. all good fodder.


r4kk4 said...

he changed his voice?!? or had he not hit puberty yet, shed? i gotta know!

happy trees mean happy people! :D!

haha! yeah, pisshead was, erm, interesting, burnt. ;D