Sunday, May 20, 2007

bday week begins, saturday was boring

ah, yes. birthday week has rolled around once again. unfortunately it hasn't had the most auspicious of beginnings if my favorite pair of sunglasses breaking in two is to be seen as a bad omen.

thankfully, i'm not into foreshadowing in rl so i'll just ignore what broken shades portend and enjoy the new ones that leff bought me last night.

speaking of last night, what did we do? uhm, nothing really. bartell. and then we checked out the new qfc where a clock radio alarm was going off in the closed pharmacy section.

they have a nice selection of cheeses for what it's worth.

speaking of cheeses, i think i'll try to go back to sleep before we head to the last day of the cheese festival. here's hoping that the general cloudiness keeps the hordes away.

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