Wednesday, May 30, 2007

late spring cleaning

will i be able to stop listening to this avett brothers song today? no, i don't think that i will. it's catchy and about death! hooray!

since it's t-minus 29 days and counting until padre's visit, i've been reorganizing the closets and cabinets. (yes, we all know that i need meds, thanks so much for pointing that out.) as such, i didn't get outside until later in the afternoon. i heard that it was deliciously sunny though.

it was still amazing when leff and i walked downtown. lookit this shadow.

doesn't it seem like it belongs on a stage set?

anyway, the purpose of walking downtown was to get a new shower curtain. and, oh baby!, what a shower curtain we got!

the brown pattern is flocked, bitches! so that means that i can pet my shower curtain. aaaaaw yeah!

one last thing before i go. remember this photo from yesterday? well, chotda fixed it and made it wonderful!!

thanks, chotda!!!

but for now, it's back to the cleaning for me.


Santos said...

well, if you were yelliin' in the parking lot, it seems only fitting....

r4kk4 said...

hee hee!

i feel like i'm always yellin' in the parking lot....