Thursday, May 10, 2007

who is this leff?, cookies, dancing and antm

i'm telling you, i don't even know leff anymore. yesterday he brought this home.

no, he didn't buy it. it's a work computer. (finally. *eyeroll*) but still...i mean, who is this leff?! stop! it's abuse!

alright, alright. last night after eating too many cookies during top model

(quadruple stuff, baby!)

i tried to recreate some of the dances from the show (specifically the one that you can see at the 4:19 mark. hee hee!) to make ava get off the couch. it didn't work but we now have this tumbl to commemorate the attempt.

and that's that. it's still fantastic outside so i think i'll be taking a walk now.


josephpeter said...

yeah, mac! congrads to leff

Lisa B. said...

Mr. Pants, whenever he sees a Mac, always rants about the amazing lengths Apple will go to for product placement.

(Clearly Gov. E is on their street team).

r4kk4 said...

yeah, it's good that he doesn't have to work in the closet anymore, j. but we still need a wireless router.

hahaha! mr. pants is *right*! i get *so* annoyed when i see people using a branded computer on television or in movies.

gov e runs the shadow government!!! STOP!!!! IT'S ABUSE!!!