Thursday, May 31, 2007

beverages, zombies and paper cranes

the harbingers of summer have finally arrived! the scent of sunblock mingles with the briny smell of the sound, all of the stops are announced on the buses for the benefit of tourists and i've switched to iced coffee and zombie books.

this means that the summer drinking season has begun! i'm back on the dewdrivers, sweets! (although, chotda's skinny bitch sounds pretty great too. i might have to switch midseason.)

i'm also betting that this summer will be full of paper cranes. i made my very first one last night!

i went on to make 40 more of them. yeah, i can get a little obsessive when it comes to making stuff.

when i reach one thousand, i think i'll wish for a pony.

today? why do you even ask?! i've got 1000 paper cranes to fold! sheesh! only 959 more to go!

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