Tuesday, September 19, 2006

american idol comes to seattle

a disclaimer: i do not watch "american idol". i do, however, love a good spectacle esp if it's taking place in my backyard.

sunday morning while getting coffee at uptown, leff overheard someone say that seattle's "american idol" tryouts were happening that day at the key. turns out that this information was a bit off, registration was on sunday. but the tryouts are today! and, oh honey, the line started last night! (i'll get around to footage of that in a second.)

this photo, obviously, isn't of the line. it's of the line to be.

the press camped out early.

because, you know, human interest stories are humanely interesting. some of the time.

anyway, here are some of the early birds.

they would occasionally warble and applaud each other.

this morning, however, there was no warbling in line. i don't know if it was because the grey has returned,

an outbreak of sars had occured

or just general floating anxiety about primary elections

but the crowd was very subdued. seriously, not a warble to be heard.

it's not that there wasn't a whiff of excitement in the air because the atmosphere did have a bit of a charge albeit a rather soggy, exhausted one. i still couldn't help feeling that most of these poor hopefuls were lined up just like little lambs being sent to slaughter.

poor soggy, little lambs.

still, maybe one of them will make it on the show. so to all of you idol hopefuls, i wish you a hearty "good luck"! also, i hope that you're able to dry off before your audition.


Anonymous said...

honey... they came to memphis too!!
they were lined up started @ 4 am no joke
but i didn't watch the news to find out all many there were standing outside.
anyway, it's 9/20 and good morning to you

katty kat and jack-jack attack (aka jackson)

r4kk4 said...

but, sweets, you didn't get video. ;D

they started lining up at the key around 8 pm the previous night. it's crazy.

good morning to you as well! say hi to little jackson and the milk king for me!

Santos said...

sadly, i watch american idol, but usually just the stuff like this--all the mega-elimination rounds leading up to the actual show. i normally don't gloat at other people's misery, but there's something quite compelling at seeing people's hopes crushed in a stampede. still, better than being crushed by the stampede.

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! they had security at the center to make sure no one was crushed by the stampede. ;D

i was just in awe of the sheer amount of people that turned up. (i can't stand watching the idols being humiliated. oddly, the humiliation factor is not a problem for me on either top model or project runway.