Friday, September 08, 2006

it's friday. i've done some things.

looks like the morning got away from me. oops.

i made a quick trip to ballard this morning (because, come on, do i EVER do anything exciting?) for a big pile of genre fiction and a kid's book.

'cause try as i might, i'm too mentally fried to read any decent fiction these days.

i also dropped by royale/verite for a cupcake and coffee and i got, HOORAY!, a coupon for free coffee even though i hadn't met any of the requirments for said coupon in this, verite's "coffee week".

thank you, kind barista! many hearts!

looks like i'm in the groove with these animals + sweets on craft paper sketches. last night i drew a deer with doe-nuts. doe-nuts. god, that's such a bad pun.

(etsy should you like a deer drawing of your own.)

and now it's time to say goodbye/to all my com-pan-eeeeeeeeee!/g-l-i-t-t-rrr/ p-i-s-s-iiiiiing!

(someone has too much disney on the brain and that someone is me!)

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