Saturday, September 02, 2006

one year seattleversary!

today marks one year since leff and i (plus the cats) arrived in seattle. ya to the hoo!!

a commemorative photo from the first day.

clouseau isn't allowed in the cabinets anymore.

leff and i thought about celebrating with an interprative dance or maybe even a reenactment of our drive through lower queen anne in a uhaul that was towing a car during the first day of bumbershoot. but then we thought, fuck it, let's just go to bumbershoot instead.

and so we shall.

pics later tonight? maybe? if i don't drink too much or wear myself out with all the roller derby/music/crafts/sunburn/etc.


looksy said...

Happy Seattleversary!

HMBT said...

Happy One year, and you made me squirt water out of my nose laughing at the driving part of your story...I just left the area, and well...I let's just say I look forward to being able to laugh about it in a year from now, too.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, looksy!! :D!!

thanks, hmbt! i hope you'll be able to laugh after a year. i really do. :D!

and, uh, sorry about that water thing. ;D