Friday, September 22, 2006

i channel the happy homemaker, you are there

i am *so* sue ann nivens right now. (well, except for the man crazy aspect. i kinda' had to give that up when i went monogamous.)

anyway, sue ann. yes, she's invading my life and making me think "we really need to make this shelving unit that's in the new issue of readymade!"

i can also hear her voice saying "we should make jam out of all of the plums in the fridge. you can make jam can't you?"

god damn you, sue ann! i need to work on my portfolio! shut up! shut up! shut up!

er, sorry.

yesterday was macrocity in my apt. here are a few toy photos for you to peruse, you know, if you're bored. i'm warning you, they're supersaturated.

and a filmstrip for good measure.

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