Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a tale of no soup

the leaves are starting to turn, i'm feeling the beginnings of s.a.d.s. (as opposed to the normal kinds of d. and and fujiko is ready for winter.

all these reasons made me think "huh! it might be a good idea to make some curried butternut squash and apple soup". (of which i, shockingly, have no photo (other than this sad one from the days of the 007 phillips key cam.))

the problem with this soup idea is that i have no butternut squash. sunshine squash, yeah. zucchini, no probalo. but not any squash of the butternut variety.

sadly, safeway doesn't have any either. goddamned safeway. i swear to whatever deity is popular this week, you can never find what you need there. mint chocolate poptarts? oh no, sorry! we didn't order those. oh, you're looking for the hello kitty poptarts too? oops! i ate them all.

yeah, sure, it looks like all of my bitching about safeway has to do with their having the wrong kind of poptarts and no butternut squash. but i'm telling you, i always come home missing one crucial ingredient that i need (and couldn't get or was too late to add to my spud order.)

grumble, grumble, moan, whine. life is so hard without mint chocolate poptarts.

where was i going with this? oh, fuck if i know. i've had a total of about five hours of sleep in the past two days and it's starting to show. maybe i'll just make myself scarce and stop pissing on your wednesday.

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