Wednesday, September 13, 2006

plumber, komaneko

while the national weather service has interrupted "teletubbies" with the monthly tsunami warning test, i'll take this time to inform you that, my oh my, but our plumber should be in an indie rock band.

we had drainage issues with both our bathroom sink and tub and who should arrive to solve the problem but freakin' rivers cuomo himself. let's just say that if it were not for a major love of a leff, i would be dating the plumber. (indie rock glasses + bedhead + scruffiness = kryptonite to rakkas. we are seriously weakened. sad but true.)

(i'm just kidding about dating the plumber, leff dear.)


so last night craft posted a link to the cutest videos ever! komaneko!!

my little mochi was kind enough to gather all of the video links in one place. it's seriously cute. and i *totally* relate to the second video.

that's all for now. coffee is needed. ciao.


swapatorium said...

Those were the cutest videos!!

r4kk4 said...

i agree!! :D!

i've watched them several times and it always makes me very happy!