Saturday, September 16, 2006

two tales of phone usage

as i sit here spooning salsa con queso onto my blazin' buffalo and ranch doritos (i hate getting cheese on my hands and yet am too lazy to put the queso into a bowl. to quote joe/seinfeld "what's the deal with that?!?"), i find myself reflecting (in the screen? in my spoon?) on what a slightly odd couple of days it's been.

(i wasn't kidding about spooning cheese onto my doritos. i'm serious when it comes to doritos.)

anyway, yesterday. there's a knock on my door and who should it be but my mail carrier! "hello!" i say and smile (because it's always nice to see him) but something's not right. he starts looking over my shoulder into my apartment and then asks in a confused voice "isn't there supposed to be someone else here?"

to which i reply " right you need help?" because this is odd behavior for my mail guy. and i tend to say "uuuuh" a lot as a verbal placeholder.

then he explains that he had left his keys on top of the mailboxes in our complex. knowing that i usually work at home, he buzzed our apt so he could get back into the building. leff's mobile is the phone set to receive front door calls so he beeped the mail guy inside. the mail guy, not knowing that leff was in ballard, just wanted to thank him for helping. i guess it is kind of confusing when i answer the door and there's no leff to be seen. (i suppose people might think that i'm answering the phone in a silly voice or that i'm going through hormone therapy for a sex change or something.)

believe it or not, i have this conversation all the time. it's just, usually, people don't get as freaked out as our mail carrier did.

fast forward to this morning i have a voicemail. "heya! we just bought our house from you" a man from, i'm sure, wisconsin, said "and youruh dahg is here. i just thought you might like to pick him up."

ok, so it took me a second to realize what a dahg was (oh! a dog!!) since i hadn't had any coffee yet. but once i did (here's the weird part) i called the guy back to let him know that, no, he hadn't bought a house from me and that, in fact, it wasn't my dahg. maybe he'd like to try calling the previous owner again? i didn't want the dahg to be taken to the humane society just because he, mr. wisconsin, had dialed the wrong number. thanks so much.

why is it weird that i called him back? well, i mean, do you get involved in strangers' lives? yeah, i didn't think that you did. i don't usually either but the thought of someone not finding their missing pet kinda' got to me, i guess.

i'm going to try to sleep now. i'm going on day four?? five?? with only about two/three hours worth of sleep per night and, as i'm sure you can tell from the even more boring than usual entries, i'm kinda' exhausted. zzzzzzz and all that.

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