Thursday, September 28, 2006

project runway cops out, more books

at the risk of being unpopular with "project runway" fans, let me just say that last night's show was, to me, the biggest cop out of the season. all four of the remaining contestants are allowed to continue in the contest?! come on!! what a waste of a show! couldn't you have aufed the damn neck?!? i mean, he should've gotten the cut during the black and white challenge when he made the hooker dress anyway!

i'll be so glad when this season is over, michael has won and i can wash pr out of my hair for good.

other than crashing at the end of the day from exhaustion (you can almost eat off of every surface in my apt at this point i've cleaned so vigilantly.) not much is new. i got another stack of books which consists primarily of kiddie lit and genre fic from the library.

(i'm reading earthsea because the new ghibli movie is based on the series. i have no excuse for reading mysteries at the rate that i do. let's just call it a bad habit and move on, shall we?)

there is one big thing that i'm working on but i can't discuss it yet. you'll just have to wait to see how things pan out. *fingers crossed that i can pull it off*

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