Thursday, September 21, 2006

another day in ballard

why don't i just move to ballard and get it over with? seriously, both leff and i already work there. i'm always there in my spare time (i mean, hello! cupcake royale!) and it's where my primary library is located. also i've developed a love of lutefisk.

i'm kidding about the lutefisk.

so it should come as no surprise that yesterday i was looking for furniture in ballard. at restore to be precise. a lot of area high schools have been gutted for renovation lately so there were LOTS of home ec cabinets, trophy cases and library card catalogs in stock.

i was *drooling* over a science table and a faculty lounge mailbox that still had the teachers' names on it. (we have to buy that!) there were also blackboards in the yard area (honest to god blackboards!) and channel letters. (i want to buy the "f".) there was also this "vomitorium"

that is actually a sink from an embalming room. creepy, no?

yes, restore makes me drunk with happiness!

even though we, sadly, didn't purchase anything yesterday.

space oddity, however, is not making me happy. their hours are ridiculous and i'm always there when they're closed. i mean, is it wrong to assume that a store would be open at 1:45 in the afternoon? apparently so since they're open 2-6 tues-sat.

look. here it is being closed again.


don't fret. i took a photo of some cupcakes while i was waiting on my coffee

to cheer myself up.

it worked. (no, i didn't go back to space oddity. i didn't have enough time.)

so what have we learned? i love restore, space oddity is never open, cupcakes look pretty and leff and i still haven't solved the problem of the gaping area of crap that is our "entertainment area". also, we're about to learn that i hate the words "entertainment" and "area" placed next to each other. ick.


michael said...

Ballard sounds like an interesting place and sounds a bit like bollard. Nice old chests of drawers me hearties! (Just catching up with Pirate Day) A vast behind! It's just these trousers really capt'n. We have a place called the Curiosity Shop which mostly isn't! but ocassionally has some interesting old furniture for vastly inflated prices. We saw a nice old player-piano there once with rolls of music with holes in but we have no room really. Would be hard to find space for a foot stool!

r4kk4 said...

i think that you'd like ballard. it's where the locks are located (i'll dig up a link if you'd like.) and, this is just my opinion, but i think it's going to be the new capitol hill (which is supposedly one of the cooler neighborhoods in seattle.).

restore is very inexpensive. so is space oddity. (we can't afford to overpay on salvage items. haha!) your curiosity shop sound FANTASTIC!! oooh! i can't believe that the rolls of music were still with the piano!

when i was young and living in a parsonage, we had a player piano with the player part removed. it was very out of tune and i had to practice my piano lessons on it.

i loved the piano but i hated the lessons. HAHAH!

god, i hear you about the foot stool! we need one too but there's no space!