Sunday, September 24, 2006

impromptu dinner party

not much to write about the rest of saturday. except maybe to mention that leff an i threw an impromptu dinner party. j brought s over (hello, s! good to see you again!) and we had curried butternut squash and apple soup.

(you know, the soup that i've been talking about making forever because, while it's fantastic, it's also a bit labor intensive.)

also, salad and chocolate chip banana bread were eaten. but not at the same time. yuck.

lotsa booze was consumed. wine, g&t, but mainly beer.

we have enough beer to either 1) throw another dinner party 2) get us through until tuesday. *ba doom ching!*

we also watched how to draw a bunny, a documentary about ray johnson. fantastic. you should absolutely catch this film. i don't care if you think art is dogs playing poker, see this movie.

while you're at it, maybe you'd like to see the big ass american masters on andy warhol. it's goood. it won't tell you anything new if you worship at the throne of warhol like i do but it's a nice refresher. (er, check your local pbs channel for times.)

time to clean up from said party which won't take too long. i've noticed that one great thing about getting older is that your friends don't trash your things when they've been drinking. in fact, they offer to clean up. hooray!


Anonymous said...

man!! i love that squash soup. 0r was that curry pumpkin soup? either way it was good!!
yeah and what's this about chocolate chip banba bread?! it sounds wonderful. did you ever made that here?
have a nice day in seattle!!
katty kat and jackjack attack

r4kk4 said...

it was squash. butternut squash. you might've thought it was pumpkin because it's *intensely* orange.

and thank you! :D!

no, i only started making the chocolate chip banana bread here. joe likes it a lot and since he drives us places occasionally, it's like a "thank you for not making us ride the bus", you know?

every day is nice in seattle. ;D

hearts back at you!
rakka d