Friday, September 29, 2006

museum day, walking

these past few days i've been doing a lot of walking because it is *nice* outside. in a moment, i'll post some photos because that's what i do but first i should tell you that saturday is smithsonian museum day here in the states. (via girl hacker)

what does that mean? it means that if you print out this card, you and one other person will gain free admission to the participating museum of your choice on sept 30th. for a list of those participating museums, click here and enter either the state and/or the zip code.

i think that leff and i will be visiting the nordic heritage museum since we'll be in ballard for the sustainable festival that day anyway. (stay tuned! lots of photos of biodiesel production and local organic food samples coming your way.)

ok, so walking. you will not believe how blue the sky has been lately! seriously, check this out:

i didn't color correct that photo. that is the sky. and possibly marlene deitrich but i'm not positive.

i took another walk with leff that night. he had the good camera so these photos are his (except where noted.)

the big knitta by emp.

that sucker is captial HUGE! here's a photo of leff taking a photo of the knitta for, you know, metaknitta action.

an obligatory p-i photo.

and, since it's almost october, the devil rat is out on denny ave!

this morning's solitary walk (leff was still sleeping) included a pavement monster,

a right turn,

the color orange,

and some shots around the fun forest. bumper cars all in a row, (except for that stupid one at the end which is just driving me nuts because i'm ocd.)

some vaguely transformerish action

and some cloud cover.

i love that cloud. i'm sure that i've posted a photo of it here before but not a photo of it in the morning. please deal with that information appropriately.

today i'll be washing rugs and waiting on a new lamp to arrive. i am seriously the most exciting person on the planet! (*snort of derision*)


michael said...

Sounds like a pretty fun day to me. I like that cloud too. Rug washing eh? I had to make tea for Ray who was cementing concrete slabs on to out front garden so Hazel could park her car ( she parks over the road at the moment but might loose that space soon and parking is pretty tight in our road) and pretend to me interested in his tales of the price of sand and cement etc. When he went i tried to walk into town as i was going stir-crazy ( stuck indoors for two days) but the rain came down and I had to come home again! Almost as exciting as your day!

r4kk4 said...

it wasn't that bad of a day. esp since i saved the rug washing for today. ;D

aw, cool! it's always nice to get a place to park at your house! that's going to be *so* handy soon!! :D!

i had to pretend to be excited about aggregate once when a friend was making a tombstone for their poor, deceased dog. (poor guy. he was in a funk for months because cocoa had passed on.)

but the aggregate talk came in handy when i was helping a friend cast concrete buckets once. (please don't ask... ;D)