Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a knitta forest and a cat toy amigurumi

i didn't have a chance to get photos of the knitta forest by the key arena during bumbershoot so i headed to the center today with camera in hand while i still had my chance. (who knows if/when they'll be taken down?)

oh, i heart knitta! they give me the warm fuzzies!

in other knitting news, my amigurumi squid cat toy from needle noodles arrived today!

it's so wonderful that i wish it wasn't filled with catnip so i could keep it for myself instead of letting the cats have it. as it is, the poor thing doesn't stand much of a chance.

poor little squid.


jqln said...

those knitted trees are awesome! how many of them were there? i love such playful interventions with the natural environment... once i hung up plastic pieces of bras and underwear that i made on hangers on a tree outside.. it was fun..

r4kk4 said...

i absolutely agree, jacqueline! :D!! i love knitta! (i've been taking photos of their tags when i see them. i forgot to post one that i saw in ballard the other day. i think i'll upload it today! :D!)

there were, i think, 14 trees that were grouped together. i might be wrong though. but i do know that there were a lot of them!

oh, how wonderful!! do you have photos of your underwear tree? it sounds fantastic! :D!