Saturday, September 23, 2006

high speed chase, early morning ballard, giant squid

last night there was a high speed chase in ballard on nw market street. strangely, i can't find a link to a news story, so you'll just have to rely on what i saw reported on the news and an eye witness account from k. (yes, another k. seattle is crawling with k's.)

so this high speed chase. somehow there was a police car that spun backwards and ended up crashing into matt's gourmet hot dogs. thankfully, no one was hurt. here is a photo of the clean up this morning.

(i didn't want to get closer because i was intruding enough from where i was.)

k said that last night, as you can imagine, stuff was all over the sidewalk. she also alluded to metal being bent at an odd angle? but i didn't really understand what she was talking about.

and so ends our "citizen journalism" episode for the day. here are some shots from around the bus stop on market just, you know, to cleanse your pallet. (pallet. it's a word that i'm never sure if i'm spelling correctly. ah, well....)

i love stickers of clouds in seattle.

and someone had to take a time out while they were at the matador last night.

bad someone. go to your room.

i'm working on a giant squid shower curtain. why? because i can. i started by making a freezer paper stencil.

i've found that it's important to let the paint dry a little so it doesn't bleed quite so much when you pull up the paper. here it is waiting to dry

and with the stencils removed.

i didn't have time to start on the detail work yet. here's hoping that i have time to finish it this weekend. end result posted soon!


Anonymous said...

So friggin cool!!!

Making bath-time lots of fun,

r4kk4 said...

thanks!! :D! you're too sweet! i mean, it's not even finished yet!

rubber ducky, you're the one!
rakka d