Monday, September 18, 2006

art, food and a big red dog

sometimes i think that i save all of the fun stuff for sundays. like, a whole week's worth of fun stuff. crammed into one little day.

leff and i decided to do two of the things on our previously mentioned list. after a nice turkey sammich (for me) at mecca, we bussed it to blue bottle where we picked up two prints, stafanus aldo santoso's "broccoli"

and ken taya's dual print set "denshin poles".

there are at least three other pieces at blue bottle that we need to buy but, well, we aren't millionaires so it'll have to wait until next month. or maybe the month after.

since we were in the neighborhood, leff wanted to stop by the flagship rei. it was oddly depressing for the both of us. (leff (to no one in particular): "$400 biking gloves will not solve all of your problems." me: "aw, nuts. they only have the clog style crocs.") but i did enjoy looking at the model tents simply because, er, i like tiny tents. i'm getting one for the cats because, omg!, how much fun would it be to own a tiny tent? (yeah, i know how crazy that sounds, believe me.)

we decided to walk back from capitol hill so we could stop by 7-11 for slurpees.

we saw this monster tag

which i'm almost positive is done by the same person that makes these.

does anyone happen to know who's making those? because i LOVE them!

anyway, slurpees. we bought one for clifford too since i knew another mascot when i was in college and i'm aware of how hot it gets inside of those costumes.

i'll be nice and protect "clifford's" identity. here he is getting ready to be pummeled by children.

note the floppy ear. aaaaw! another shot of clifford, this time being all business casual.

oh clifford! maybe we'll visit you again next weekend at work!

later that day, j called and wanted to get some food at bamboo garden which was an awesome idea! i only got a photo of the sauces for the spring rolls

because i spent the rest of the time eating. mmmmmm, eating. mmmmmmm, kung pao chicken...*drooling*.

we *finally* got around to buying some of j's photos. (we've been meaning to for about a year now.) we got one, two, three photos! ah-haa-haa-haaa! (please read that last part as if the count were saying it.)

isn't j the most awesome photographer?!?! (i have a feeling that he's going to be an art star soon. and i'm not saying that because i'm biased.)

speaking of stars, there was one in his storage area.

and a reminder in his apt to not do drugs

lest you end up like googly eyed joan of arc.

seriously, kids, don't do drugs. stay in school. only winners, uh, win. etc.

and what would make a day of art purchasing complete? why coffee, of course.

this time at the new vivace. just remember to bus your table or you'll be eaten by a t-rex.

ok, i've got to start hanging all of our new art and, once again, the kitchen will not clean itself. have a lovely monday, bun buns.


Brit said...

Okay, when did 7-11 start calling their drinks Slurpees? When I was a kid in Oklahoma they were always called Icee drinks, and it even said "Icee" on the cup.

Lisa B said...

I think "Icees" were sold at the non-7-11 convenience stores (like my fave as a kid in Texas, U-Tote-Em, which had a totem pole logo.

I TOTALLY intend one day to shoplift one of those tiny model tents. I have to find a time when potentially being in jail won't ruin my schedule. Like after I win the lottery.

r4kk4 said...

like pants, i had icees at the non 7-11s. i got blue raspberry icees at junior taylor's. i wish we'd had a place as cool sounding as "u-tote-em" with a totem pole. :(

the only 7-11 that was in my neighborhood when i was little was a 45 minute drive from my house. so i had icees more than slurpees.

hahah!! it's always so hard to work jail time into your schedule. i've heard that the holidays are a good time. oh! and that weekend jail is not so bad. perhaps you could consider those options because, you know, EVERYONE needs a little tent!

Brit said...

I distinctly remember Icees at 7-11, because that was the only place I would stop for gas when I was 16 (since it was the cheapest gas).

In the "international" neighborhood of OKC (a.k.a. the ghetto), there is a faux 7-11 owned by an Indian couple and it's called "7 Elephants" and the logo is an image of Ganesh. So cool.

r4kk4 said...

that's so crazy! haha!

omg! i need to go to okc just to see the 7 elephants! that sounds beautiful!

in memphis, there was a theatre that was decorated with sparkly indian tapestries with lots of elephants. and, i heard, that they had installed a pink elephant fountain that sprayed water out of his trunk!

i could be wrong about the pink elephant fountain, however. i shoulda' gotten pics before i left town!