Monday, September 11, 2006

how i spent my sunday morning with a special appearance by an invasive plant

when leff and i first moved to seattle, we used to venture to the international district on sunday mornings for cream buns at yummy house bakery. we hadn't been in a looong time, mainly because it hadn't been chilly enough for leff to eat sweets in the morning. (i KNOW! what's THAT about?!)

after a very crowded bus ride to the id,(one person complained that he thought he had left congested public transportation behind in hokkaido. hah hah! nope, sorry, buddy! not when you take the bus that the tourists take!) we stopped by zeitgeist for fortification.

this is where i had the brilliant idea of comparing a piece of cake bakery to our beloved yummy house.

i know, i know, in order to make these "studies" scientific, i'm supposed to have the same pastry at both places. but, unlike robert pollard, i am not a scientist. so instead of a cream bun at a piece of cake, i ordered a clown cupcake.

i mean, look at it. how could i not order that?! it's wearing a hat for christ's sake! (for the record, it was really dense. the cream clown head was fantastic as were the hat and icing portions. i liked it more than leff.)

at yummy street, i realized that i didn't have enough cash on me to buy a cream bun for myself so i got one for leff. he called me a goofball when he realized that i'd passed up a cream bun for monetary reasons but, come on, i'd had half of a cupcake already. i didn't need a cream bun as well.

yes, we spent some cash at kinokuniya. don't we always? leff got another issue of robot and a range murata advertisement.

i got a seal eraser

some onigiri erasers

and a whale eraser

because i'm *so* into sea creatures and erasers at the moment, it's frightening.

at uwajimaya i felt like a total tourist because i bought some bamboo. here is a photo of it hiding on the bus.

but, you know, we needed a really tall plant for the kitchen and bamboo was the least expensive solution that i could come up with. (seriously, four bucks for two tall plants? that's not bad!)

i had fun with it on the way back too because i kept accidentally hitting leff with the leaves. i'd apologize and tell him that "well, you know, it is an invasive plant. it can't help itself."

hah hah! botonical jokes are t eh funny!

right, back to uwajimaya for a moment. leff still had a sweet tooth so we split half a box of hamburger candies.

it's two kinds of chocolate between sesame seed crackers! how cute!

heading back to the bus, i FINALLY got a picture of the electric carp that i love so much

and leff snapped a photo of one of the dragons.

no, he's not that tall. it's digital zoom, silly.

to cap off a pretty entertaining day, i found out that pinky st is releasing a series of range murata figures!!! (you have to scroll a bit. sorry.)

let me break this news down into a photo so it's easier to understand it's magnificence.

i'm serious when i say "omgwtfbbq!". in fact, if i had a first born son, i'd sell him in order to purchase those pinkys. and then i'd buy lunch with the money that was left over.

now i must bid you adieu. i just realized that i have less than a month to prepare for leff's birthday. i hope that i have enough time to finish everything that i have planned.


Santos said...

ooh. i just bought that pinky street figurine. i am too old for this crap. apparently not.

i like tourists at home :)

r4kk4 said...

i looooove pinky st!! you're never too old for pinky st!! :D!

besides, you're a young'un! so be quiet! :D!

i like tourists at home too! esp when they talk about l.a. and guam! :D!