Thursday, September 14, 2006

doom, gloom and pandas

ah, the stress of an impending parental visit. leff's father has decided to grace us with his presence (*big, depressed sigh*) in less than three weeks. for me, this means a lot of cleaning, a lot of reorganizing and lots and lots of booze.

but let's look at the bright side. i found some pretty pink icing while i was cleaning out the freezer.

yeah, it was past its prime and i had to throw it out, but lookit how pink!

also, hooray! pandas!

i found them in a mug behind my oil paints. i wasn't surprised that they were hiding because, as a species, they are quite elusive.

as a further distraction, leff and i made stickers out of packing tape and glossy magazine pages. here's the sly cooper sticker that's now on the fridge.

i learned this technique from the current issue of readymade. keep in mind that the paper has to be glossy. once you have that down, simply place the clear packing tape over the image that you wish to transfer and rub it onto the page. then cut the packing tape sticker out of the page and place it into warm water for five minutes. when the time is up, gently rub the back of the tape with your finger (NOT your fingernail) and, voila, bob's your uncle. (that is, unless you don't have an uncle bob.)

it won't be very sticky but it'll be sticky enough to put on your fridge. and, most importantly, fun will have been had by all.

ok, it's back to cleaning, reorganizing and drinking for me.

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