Tuesday, September 05, 2006

arts, crafts and pomo minis

can you belive it? space oddity was closed yesterday. argh!

still, it wasn't a wasted trip to ballard since leff picked up a print by jd (whose initals i remember but whose name, of course, i don't. another argh!) from annie's afforable art .

it was his screened vinyl work that i wanted to pick up at bumbershoot on sunday. (that piece sold on saturday. yet another argh!) but he told us that he's got another show coming up in december so i'll just pick up some more of his stuff then.

speaking of shows in december, urban craft uprising and bust magazine are sponsoring another craft show (on december 2nd - 3rd) at the seattle center exhibition hall!!

i went to last year's show and it was crooooowded! (here's a bad cameraphone photo of the crowd)

i'm really glad that they've moved the event to a larger space. because, while it was *fantastic* that there was such a great turnout, it was really hard to make it to vendor tables.

speaking of stuff, i've finally tracked down a place to buy vitra miniatures. this doesn't mean that i'm going to purchase them because, my god, i don't have that kind of a disposable income. but i can still covet them.

i really love the le corbusier grand comfort chair. i have a vintage snoopy rag doll that would look smashing sitting in that.

and now i've got to run. well, not literally, it's too early for exercise esp since i've been awake since 4 am. i'm hoping that today will be the day that i finally crack open that bottle of dorland's wax medium that i've been moving around the country for six years.

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