Tuesday, September 26, 2006

rolling my own

people say change is good. not really. not when you have a huge pile of it just sitting around and all of the coinstars in your neighborhood are either dead or broken. because then? then you have to roll your own. this:

has to become this:

before you can get your $28 in cold, hard 'merican greenbacks. and then the teller at your bank will hit on you but he will not give you a lollipop. jerk.

groc told me that in merry, olde england, coin rolling is not done. uh-uh. when they don't use coinstar (because there are coinstars in the uk (they don't let you convert cash into amazon cards and such, however.)) they just put their cash into plastic bags and let the bank handle the rest. see? bags!

how freakin' civilized! (photo courtesy of groc)

pants and jrhyley informed me that their respective banks have coinstarish machines in house that don't charge the fee. i mean, wtf?

seattle, why do you suck so much when it comes to coin exchange? (i should probably be directly addressing my bank instead but, eh, it's more fun to call out seattle.)

the squid still isn't finished. (wow, that sounds like a code, doesn't it?) i promise, pinky swear and all that junk, that i'll have it done before next monday at the very latest.


r.bean said...

speaking of rolling things up, and high speed chases through cities and squids...ok, maybe not squids, but actually, maybe....
thought of you as soon as i saw this: katamari insurance
na nanananana na na nana na na na

Brit said...

In Korea there's a coin machine in oiur bank and it doesn't charge extra. Last time I went I had about $55 in change!

Shahid said...

Hey! What's wrong with rolling? Reminds me of when I was a little kid and I had nothing better to do than to sit around and count coins to roll up.

I don't have any coinstars near my place. I guess it's cuz a lot of people around here use their change. I don't, I pay in bills so I can put the change in my piggy bank. :D

Santos said...

we don't have coinstars either. i'll take your change, though :)

r4kk4 said...

that katamari ad is AWESOME, bean!! THANK YOU!! :D!!

i want a coin machine in my bank, brit! *weeping* and, damn! $55 is a lot of change to carry! i hope you lifted properly! ;D

the only thing wrong with rolling other than the amount of time it wastes, shahid, is that it makes your hands smell like pennies. which i guess is ok. but if you're like me and you're always saying "smell my hand!" when my hand smells like pennies, it gets on people's nerves. ;D

how crazy that people pay with change where you are! i only use it for bus fare (occasionally).

that's NUTS that you don't have coinstars, santos! i'd mail you my change but i'd have to pay for a passenger seat on an airline because it would weigh so much! ;D