Sunday, September 10, 2006


azn occasionally airs a weird little show about interesting and odd cultural, well, things. (it's really a mish-mash, jumbled up variety grab bag of a show. which, of course, makes it quite wonderful.)

i've never caught the name of the program, but yesterday's episode had a segment about furoshiki that just blew my mind. a lady wrapped two books together in one cloth and the end result was a tiny, chic little bag. (i think it's called hon tsutsumi? i'm probably wrong.)

so now, you guessed it, i'm seriously jonesing for furoshiki instructions. honestly, i haven't done a lot of research yet but does anyone know of a good source? i found this page and it's pretty nice but any other information would most certainly be appreciated. thanks in advance.

as for now, i'm leaving the office since peel is contemplating how best to attack me from above.

i hate it when she does that.


jqln said...

that link for furoshiki is pretty awesome! i found this page which has fewer diagrams but more explicit instructions and larger photos:

r4kk4 said...

ooooh! your link is pretty damn awesome too! thanks!!!

i think i'm going to buy a watermelon just so i can wrap it up furoshiki style to carry it home! haha!