Thursday, May 25, 2006

bday update!

yeah, i know, you're bored with the bday stuff. well, tough. because there's more!

ok, so in seattle, i had ice cream

ice cream!

went to the fun forest to play ms pac man

i answer the siren call of ms. pac-man

(and i had a *total* middle school flashback. after i'd killed poor ms. pac man (at least she ate some fruit first!) and was exiting stage left, some middle schoolers checked me out. HAHAHA!! (that was the flashback part. dealing with middle school aged boys' hormones.) i felt like some weird perv-o and i wanted to say "i'm old enough to be your mother, kids!" HAHAHA!)

anyway, i briefly debated going to the doubletake exhibit since i was already at the center but decided against it opting for easy street instead. (no takako minekawa cds. i did not pass go. i did not collect $200 (usd).)

i DID score at twice told tales though! a yoshimoto AND a murakami book!

more bday goodies!

(the sushi was sold separately and at another store.)

i also got to talk to the cashier guy about gbv (i was wearing my gbv shirt) which is always fun because i LOVE being able to work the words "cock rock stance" into my day.

right, all of that is well and good but it's not the coolest part. AUNT NANNY AND BUNCHOFPANTS THREW ME A PARTY IN NORTH CAROLINA!!

here are photos!

they even sent virtual presents!!

i love nanny and pants! (pants original photos, nanny original photos>


how. fucking. AWESOME!! i love crystl too!

original crystl photos here.

wow! i'm the luckiest girl alive! and now i'm going to eat my sushi!


Lou said...

After the Quake is good. It's that Murakami sort of weird, but that is good.

r4kk4 said...

it IS a good book, lou! i agree!

i borrowed a copy from the library late last year and lurved it.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 33 1/3 !!!

yours at 34 1/4,


(a card was sent your way. hope it got to you)

r4kk4 said...



you really didn't have to do that though! you're too good to me!
*hugs and kisses!!*