Thursday, May 11, 2006

prozac deer and otama

i was pretty happy with my earlier freezer paper stencil piece so i thought i'd try the method on paper to see what happened.

it didn't turn out so great. the freezer paper sticks to regular paper. (i tried it on a rice paper and some cardstock (the cardstock is pictured above below the original sketch.)) this is all well and good but i ask you, what the hell is up with the prozac deer imagery? i didn't even plan that. *sigh*

in other news, i've made my first ever alchemy request on etsy. polyyannacowgirl made an awesome otama and i'd LOVE to have one to call my own! (i can't crochet well enough to make one and i've had this need for an otama since reading about them on super eggplant.)

fingers crossed that alchemy works!

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