Saturday, May 06, 2006

pippilotta delicatessa windowshade mackrelmint eprhraim's daughter longstocking and boating day

in 1999, i spent many, many hours running around memphis trying to find copies of all the pippi longstocking movies. specifically, the ones that starred inger nilsson. it was no easy task, i assure you. and i never acquired a copy of "pippi on the run". (sadly, my current copies are all on vhs and my vcr needs a serious cleaning--more than i can do with just a tape head cleaner--so i haven't watched the films in a while.)

i looked up pippi on netflix this morning on a lark and *GASP* they have all four of the movies AND the television show that was spliced into the first film of the series! *clicketyclick!* and they're all in the queue! so now i can watch the bad dubbing, complete with annika's odd brooklyn accent, and the cheesy special effects that i've loved since i watched these movies as a tiny rakka.

leff's gonna LOVE this. heh heh.

have i mentioned that if i ever get a tattoo, it will probably be of pippi? this pippi?

although, i don't for the life of me know where i'd get it.

(image snagged from here, btw.)

today is boating day or whatever the hell it's called. (today is also when debbie stoller will be at hill top yarns signing her new book,"the happy hooker", "the cat returns" will be playing at the asian art museum and ranier maria + a few other bands will be playing somewhere in ballard. (leff hearts ranier maria.)) we'll be heading downtown shortly since leff loves tugboats and there's a tug boat race from 12:30-3? (don't quote me on times).

i'm just going because i've never lived anywhere where the start of boating season is taken so seriously. (yeah, yeah, i lived in baltimore and that's close to annapolis where they burn their socks. but, uh, ew? also, the harbor wasn't as beautiful in rattown, er, baltimore, as it is here in seattle.)

can i say "ahoy, maties!" to end this post? oops! looks like i just did.


swapatorium said...

Pippi!!! My childhood hero!! I'm so on that DVD!

r4kk4 said...

omg! isn't she the BEST!??!?

i can't believe it's on dvd! i'm so excited!!