Wednesday, May 24, 2006

hello people from swapatorium!, crushing on david tennant (again), an allusion to a fawn, gum gum fun, the center and the pillows

first things first-- hello everyone that's gotten here from swapatorium! thanks from stopping by! it's very nice to see you! (and very big thanks to swappy for the link!)

now back to the program. after a night of less than 4 hours worth of sleep, it's nice to have such a stupendous morning! par example, leff had changed the david tennant desktop from this to this. (we're both in love with david tennant, you see. leff has a wicked boy crush the likes of which i've not seen him have in quite a while. and, well, you know that dt = preoooow in my book, right?)

also a source of much joy, aliceofkansas sent me an AWESOME photo of a new born baby fawn that she met last night! i would post it because it's really cool but i haven't asked her if i can. so you'll just have to take my word for it, the photo is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! (now go buy something from her shop, please! because her work rocks!)

additionally, i plunked down $16 (including shipping) at gum gum pins 'n stickers (link via kotaku) INCLUDING a rakka (from haibane renmei) sticker and pin. (please don't hate me because i'm geeky.)

last night leff and i grabbed some coffee and sat at the seattle center fountain.

i love the fountain. it's really cheesy and touristy but i don't care. it's a great spot to people watch plus there's music. and i love it when the fountain does its programmed routine to "evenflo" because, well, it's just funny. (water? flo? geddit? oh, never mind...)

and while perusing you tube last night, i came across this vid of the pillows live in seattle.

(originally here.)

and what entry would be complete without a photo of sugary goodness for birthday week?

raspberry chocolate awesomeness!

that, my dears, is a hunk of raspberry chocolate awesomeness that leff and i shared last night! deeeee-licious!

but now i have to see if i've set up gtalk correctly with my mic. smell you later!


Irregular Shed said...

Jayney has your out-going DT wallpaper on our main PC at home. She loves him also. I can see why, and approve =)

r4kk4 said...

mmmmmmmm!!! everyone has a crush on dt! it's true!

pip's fiance has a thing for him as well! he's thinking about getting her the dt doll as a wedding present! HAHAHAH!!