Friday, May 12, 2006

new shoes, birth certificate, books, geek squad

my new shoes arrived today!


i was racing the fedex guy down queen anne hill to make sure i got the package. i'd gone to the library and just happened to end up on the street where he was delivering. i watched him hand off two packages on comstock and then take two packages to an apt building one block above ours before i ran into our building. *ding ding ding!* i won by a length!

and yet, despite all of that effort, the package was delivered to the manager's office. *sigh* oh well, i have my shoes now and, boy, are my feet happy! padding! oh, it's NICE to have support under my feets! skechers make you feel two feet taller esp if you've been wearing converse for years and years like i have.

oh! oh ho ho! chitterlings! i got my replacement birth certificate today!! this means that i can go to canadaland without having to worry about not having proper papers! it ALSO means that i can FINALLY get my passport!

yes, i'm sure you, like everyone else, assumed that i have a passport. sadly, i do not. equally sadly, i have not left the u.s. not even to go to mexico or canada. i'm not proud of that fact and plan to remedy the situation very shortly!

and now for the book section of our program. lookit what i got at the library today!

i've been waiting on a copy of japanland for months now. the others are just icing on the cake! eeee! i can't wait to read all of those! (several of them were recommended by the gr team on their respective blogs. and they're hardly ever wrong about, well, anything. i heart gr!)

and finally, i have to share this with you. someone in seattle had to get help from the geek squad.

let me repeat that with emphasis. someone. in seattle (!!!) had to get help from the geek squad.

ok fine. it makes me laugh.

p.s.-- if you reside in the u.s., puerto rico, the virgin islands or guam, please don't forget that tomorrow is the nalc food drive. it's easy to participate (just leave non perishables in a bag by your mailbox) and it's for a good cause.

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