Wednesday, May 31, 2006

spelling b*e*e, insane tokyo apts, exclamatory bunny, summer burn, alpha? say it ain't so!, safeway again

the national spelling bee snuck up on me again this year. i had no idea that it started today and that, for the first time ever, the finals are being broadcast in prime time.

i love the bee. mock me if you will, but me and the bee are tight. i'll be watching it tomorrow.

i've been researching design in small spaces lately and stumbled upon this apartment block in tokyo. (and here i was thinking that the casa mila, la pedrera in barcelona was t eh bomb to end all bombs.)

the reversible destiny lofts look like their prototype was made from plastic toys AND they have challenging physical spaces. totally cool. i want to live there. very badly.

i drew an exclamatory bunny with braces.


and i'm in the middle of my new summer burn mix. (note: if i still owe you a winter burn mix (hello, michael and al! and bean! (i owe you another cd since yours broke!) i will send you the winter AND summer burns with no need for you to reciprocate. just, you know, thanks for being so patient.)

i'm keeping this cd trade small but if you reeeeeeaaaally have to have a copy of this burn, get in contact with me through the normal channels and i'll see what i can do.

there's a rumor that the super secret site just might possibly being going alpha today at 2:36 p.m (pst). at least that's what a little bird (whose name happens to be leff) told me last night. why 2:36 p.m. (pst)? the answer to that is "why not?".

they're funny at the super secret site. tres droll. heh heh.

but now i have to run to safeway. again. i've really got to stop using that store as pantry storage.

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