Friday, May 26, 2006

princess leia, folklife, game on, cat ears, super secret gossip

blargh! too many pink cookies! *sugar coma!*

snoopy is princess leia

today folklife starts. if i didn't happen to live in the neighborhood, i probably wouldn't go. but i do. so i am. there might be movies if i find anything as interesting as dancing horchata. (which, considering how dull dancing horchata is, means there will probably be movies.)

also today, game on starts at pacsci. i'm going to try reeeeeeeaaaally hard not to just "accidentally" pay an admission fee and *whoops!* just happen to find myself inside because i promised i'd wait.

but it's so tempting.

i finally got a pic of the cat at lucky 7 yesterday!

purple eared kitty

his little ear hairs are always dyed a different color. the last time i was there, they were pink. yesterday they were purple. i love that little cat!

oh! oh ho! i have some news about the super secret site that i can KIND OF mention here. well, ok, not really. but i can say that an obstacle that had been causing many, many troubles is now out of the way. leff is happy. i'm happy that leff is happy. leff is happy that i'm happy that he's happy. and there continues to be much rejoicing.

alas, it's now time for me to tear myself away from the compy. my mousing thumb is being all hurty from all the mousing i've done lately and i need to give it a rest.

i'm such a geek.

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