Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i'm still a bit hung over.

junk food is your friend, kittens. also, american cheese, pickle and mayo sammiches. and turkey. turkey sammiches will always have your back.

and you wanna know why? because no matter how much you drank the night before, they'll always make you feel better the next day. me and turkey sammiches = bff!

there's a boring, short tale to tell. and it all starts with pac-man cupcakes. here's one now.

pac man cupcake

this particular pac-man cupcake journeyed to belltown with me to help joe hang his show. we got lost together (me and the cupcake) around 4th and vine and had to call leff for google map assistance. (thanks, leff! thanks, google maps! thanks for nothing, pac-man.)

mr. cupcake hung out while joe and i frantically hung 30 photos on the walls in an hour and a half (!!!) despite one wall being made entirely of brick which almost threw a wrench/spanner into the works. (you know that nails and brick walls don't like each other, right?)

that being done, joe and i hopped it to the five point where g met t, we got a bit blotto, pac-man was devoured by joe and leff met up with us later.

pac-man out on the town

that's pac-man before he was consumed. you can hum "taps" for him if you want.

joe says that the men's restroom at the five point rocks since the space needle is somehow reflected by mirrors. at least that's what i think he said. i don't know, i was drunk. and there was a mooninite over my head. which was distracting.

moon u!

anyway, zeek's, pizza, beer, magic wallets, plans for brewery tours, myspace quizes, humming "wonderwall" in the empty women's restroom at seattle center, counting the steps outside of key arena in my best audrey hepburn voice (11, 12, no 13!), 5 ibuprofen, a liter of water and half a day later, we get to the turkey.

and, like i said, me and turkey are tight. although he can be kind of a smart ass.

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