Saturday, May 06, 2006

tugboat wakes and SHEER AWESOMENESS!

lately, leff and i have had a knack for arriving at the very end of things. case in point, we caught the last chord of the editors in store show at easy street last week. case also in point, today we got to see the wake from the last tugboat race as the boats sped away from pier 86.

ah, but what a wake it was. it was all...tugboaty.

i blame the super punctuality of all seattle events. i still haven't adjusted to this sort of west coast time. trust me, everywhere else i've lived, if you show up 15 minutes late, you're on time. *sigh* i guess in this area of adaptation, i'm a dodo.

anyway, onto the SHEER AWESOMENESS of the title. a few things-- 1) i have new skechers on the way! w00ts! no more hurty feets! 2) we have a NEW ROOMBA headed to our house!

(we've needed a vaccuum cleaner for about two years now.)

yeah, it's the red base model but i'm *so* excited! i've already started calling it chibi robo! (look, i've needed a vaccuum for two years. i reserve the right to be excited about it.)

3) pacsci's got a new exhibit opening the day after my bday and it's ABOUT VIDEO GAMES!! *AAAAOOOOOOO!!* (yeah, i don't know what i meant by *aaaooooooo!!* either...)

there was supposed to be a 4) but i've forgotten what it was.

ah well, maybe i'll remember it later. until then i'm off to unlock the chibi robo wallpaper and im icons.


Brit said...

Young Rakka —
Watching the Roomba do it's thing will provide you with countless hours of entertainment, yet the novelty of having a Roomba will quickly wear off once you realize you have to empty it every five minutes.

You have cats, right? Make that every two minutes.

michael said...

Blimey, you must live in the "House of The Future" ( big chords here) ! Your very own domestic robot!
As always, we are easily impressed! The Editors are a great band too.

Anonymous said...

you will either laugh or think i am nutters:

the woomba


r4kk4 said...

i thought i'd probably have to empty the roomba really frequently, brit. but i'm willing to live with it! our last vaccuum that died on moving day broke belts every other week. and after you vaccuumed, it often smelled like burnt plastic.

not to mention that it smoked. er, not weed or anything. just, you know, smoke would come out of it sometimes.

i've had to use a broom and lint rollers on the carpet and rugs and ANYTHING is an improvement over that! ;D! (we went with the roomba because it's small. we don't have any place to put a regular sized vaccuum. ok, we got a roomba because it's a robot, but i'm sure assumed that. ;D!)

hahahah!!! we're trying to live even more in the *big chords* fuuuuutuuuure, wp! as soon as we get flexcar, a scooba, hook up wifi, build a freevo box, switch all of the lights to leds and clone a breed of super robocats, we'll be there! HAHAHAHA!!

that's insane, burnt! and SOOOOOO funny! :D!!

michael said...

To an old luddite like me all this talk of freevo and roombas and flexcars is making me realise how little I know about the cutting edge of technocracy! Here's a silly song I found with added Anime!

r4kk4 said...

*pshaw!* you and hazel are all steam punky with your awesome finds! (and that's a huge compliment! :D!) honestly, that's *way* cooler than all of the gadgety tech stuff.

we're only doing freevo because leff wants a diy linux project. and flexcar because it doesn't make sense to own a car in the city. (we haven't even signed up for it yet since the buses are really pretty good here.)

the roomba though, that really was because it was a robot. hahaha! (i don't know if the base model is hackable or not. but if it is, it will be hacked. leff and i are both hax0rs in our own ways. (he in the real, honest to goodness sense of the term and me in that i have a hard time not taking things apart to see what makes them work.)

and that song! OMG!! it's WONDERFUL!! thank you! i have to put it on the front page now! is she swinging a leek? hahah!

michael said...

The weird song seems to have vanished - o well, it was good while it lasted! Thanks for the compliment. We have lots of gadgets but feel they rule us rather than the other way around!

r4kk4 said...

oh no! that's just sad. :(

heh heh! i'm pwned by our computer so i understand completely. ;D