Tuesday, May 30, 2006

folklife, burnt's rockin' card!, i get ready to wake and bake

i lied. i went to folklife yesterday. it was very crowded and smelled of hippies and mud. (a bit like the original woodstock, i would imagine.)

here's some really awful video of kaze daiko doing the taiko drum thing.

personally, i like those vids 'cause everything is happening behind the stools. (ok, really it's just funny 'cause i didn't want to battle dancing hippies to get to a spot where i could take a better video. 'cause believe me. the hippies. they were dancing. they're always dancing.)

and so, having experienced folklife for 30 minutes, i will never attend again.

(kaze daiko was cool though.)

OH!! i didn't mention that i got a REAAAAAALLLLY awesome card from burnt!! (THANK YOU, BURNT!!!!)(i would scan and post it, but i'm not sure if it's ok. and i haven't asked ms. tortilla yet. *hangs head in shame*)

right, this week is FINALLY the bday party, saturday to be precise. so it's cake time. also, i'm making chimichangas, quesadillas, guacamole and cupcakes. but not guacamole cupcakes. yuck.

i'll probably post the finished cake's photo here on sat morning. don't hate me if i post it later that day, ok?

oh hey! while you're here! do you happen to have a good drink recipe that goes well with mexican food? also, can it be made in a large quantities? (cause i don't want to bartend all night. i've got games to play!)

i'm all for making a huge batch of margaritas (and having limes on hand for when i decide to shoot tequila. because, believe you me, i will. bet on it.) but i believe there are some people that don't like tequila. (d? any suggestions? can you drink vodka? leff doesn't want margaritas either.)

thanks in advance for any suggestions!


r.bean said...

I love me some drink made out of tangy hibiscus flowers- Jamaica! if you ask in hispanic stores....though I have seen this sold in bulk in unnameable big box stores....
Basically, brew up the dark red flowers as you would make tea in a big old container....like a fist full for two quarts....it's really tangy like cranberry so add sugar as you see fit (and likely by the cup full)
....and then add vodka (gin ok too- or even malibu coconut run if you feel zingy)
.....and lime
good for no brainer big batches.....you may want to make another batch sans alcohol just cause

r.bean said...

pronounced "ha- my-ca"

Brit said...

Lately, I've been on a michelada kick. I've been drinking them by the pool. The mix goes great with cheapo yellow beer, and once the basic mix is made you can add salt and Tabasco to your personal taste. I made a bottle of the mix and just keep it in the fridge, add about an ounce to a frosty mug and top with 12 ounces of beer. Goes great with Mexican food because it's a good old-fashioned Mexican drink. Makes me miss Houston, though.

r4kk4 said...

AWESOME!!! thanks so much! :D!

i think i'm going to go with the michelada this time simply because i have all of the ingreds at hand.

BUT when i find some hibiscus flowers (i ran out of time. :( then i'm TOTALLY making your drink, bean!!