Tuesday, May 23, 2006

unexpected cash, "theme hospital", virtual bday presents

yesterday, i came into a small amount of cash that i wasn't expecting. (no, i didn't find it on the street or anything like that. and if i had, i wouldn't have been happy AT ALL because when that happens, it makes me sick to my stomach with ethical dilemmas and/or wondering if i'm on "candid camera". whole other kettle of fish.)

right, so a small amount of cash! i know that i should be responsible and put it into savings buuuut....i think no. i think i'm going to get these sunglasses (because i've always loved lolita. har har.) and maybe this pin.

and then a gameboy bundled with "animal crossing wild world" and an armchair from ikea. because we need more seating before we throw the party.

in bday news, michael, hazel and archie (the most talented trio of people to live in one place!) sent a copy of "theme hospital" for my bday!


THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! i can't wait to play the game! ("bloaty head"! eeeeh!!) and the card makes me laugh every time i look at it! (esp the viking dog and the fact that i really AM 12! HAHAHAH!!)

and i've gotten lots and lots of virtual bday presents! like these playmobil pandas from groc!


and bday greetings from nanny

(original here)

and pants

(orignal photo here)

i can't stop laughing! (and nanny is *so* cute!)

that's all for now, sugar gliders. i'm sure i'll post something even more banal later this afternoon.


Pip said...

happy birthday! I couldn't remember if it was today or not! happy birthday!!!!! happy birthday!!!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, pip! :D!

it's not officially until thurs, but birthday wishes are always accepted! :D!

amanda/auntnanny said...

It's YOUR DAY! It's finally here! Do you feel another year older?

have a HAPPY one!

r4kk4 said...


actually, no. i don't feel any different. i never do. age is stealthy like that, you know?

and THANK YOU, nanny! :D!