Thursday, May 04, 2006

padre's job, joe's opening, otaku and no cinqo de derby

it looks like i might have something to write about today instead of just giving you a link to the lamest quiz in the world.

first off, padre has been appointed as a minister for the 2006-2007 conference year so big ups for him! i'll have to send him some carrot cupcakes in celebration. hopefully, hearing out of tune renditions of "bringing in the sheeves" every sunday won't drive him nearly as crazy as it used to. *el winko*

secondly, it's joe's opening tonight! be there, he's making hummus.

thirdly, watching this video about otaku (found via boing boing) made me feel a little better about things. because, even though i'm heading to the international district to pick up a few vinyl toys, pocky and bubble tea in a few minutes, at least i'll never wear cosplay outfits in public. (or in private. get your mind out of the gutter!)

if you're a sharp little kitten, you might have realized that the henry is in the other direction from the international district. (good for you!) i posted about registering to walk on maya lin's landscape before i realized that i'd have scheduling conflicts with joe's opening. i know joe. i don't know maya lin. so joe wins in that battledome fight to the death.

what else, what else?

uh...oh, yes! once again it's too late for me to properly plan a cinqo de derby party. (cinqo de mayo + kentucky derby) better luck next year, i guess.

but i do have sponge cake!

sponge cake (for groc)

bon appetit!

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